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If you use a cpap machine then you need a cpap battery backup! We offer the most portable cpap battery packs for ResMed and Respironics cpap machines starting at $239.99 with free shipping. Whether you need a backup cpap battery for camping, travel, or just in case, check out the lightest, longest lasting cpap battery pack available! click for more information

General Info:

Only weighs 2 lbs
Fully recharges in 4 hours
6 Month Gaurantee
Can carry on any airline
Lithium Ion battery
7800 mAh / 12V output - 14.7V input
10g ELC / 115 watt hrs


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If you use a ResMed S8, ResMed S9, or Respironics cpap machine we have a cpap battery backup pack that is compatible with your machine.

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CPAP Battery Inc. specializes in battery packs for people who use a cpap machine. We know how important using your cpap machine everynight is that's why we're dedicated to making sure where ever you are, you don't lose a good nights sleep.

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